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10 Best Eye Makeup Looks

Eye makeup is intended to draw attention to the eyes and instantly transform a plain outfit into something glamorous. Due to COVID, the year was just an inside year for every one of us, but as things gradually return to normal, so too will your events.

We are out again, although slowly, to mega events and socially distant parties. And since many of us are wearing masks, your eye makeup is the key element of your appearance.

There are many different eye makeup looks to choose from. To improve your beauty skills, experiment with and explore a variety of eye makeup styles. Therefore, we’ve compiled the best ten eye makeup looks for you to attempt this fall. These eye makeup looks are sure to enhance your glamour effect, whether you’re attending a reception or throwing a party.

Eye Makeup Looks

To get started, let us first look at the different eyeliner looks. These simple eyeliner designs are ideal for all beauty enthusiasts since eyeliner need not be difficult to do.

Eyeliner Looks

Here are the most stunning eyeliner looks of all time. We chose colored eyeliner as the first to start on our list.  The simplest method to add some color to your eye makeup is using colored eyeliner.

eyeliner looks

Neon Eyeliner

Although neon eyeliner probably isn’t the first idea that jumps into your mind, after witnessing this eyeliner style, it will undoubtedly inspire our imagination going forward. Choose a wet or liquid eyeliner and a curved pencil to obtain the clear flare at the ending to imitate this look.

Red Eyeliner

Even though red eyeliner is an uncommon shade, it looks great on the eyelids and quickly improves any look. To get a better pleasant use, consider sketching the wings beginning with the outside corners with a pencil or liquid formulation.

Double-winged liner

There have been numerous methods to use double-winged eyeliner, which is en vogue today. With nothing but a firm grip and no repetition, you should be able to make a clear narrow liner. Then you will be free to go on to highly unique styles that go with this season’s double-winged eyeliner craze.

“Avoid wearing black eyeliner if you plan to stand out.” Try using eyeliner with odd colours like brown, green, or blue rather than just black.

Baby Wings

Although it adds a unique twist to the typical wing eyeliner look, joining your upper and lower eyeliner with the slightest swipe on the edges may still be striking. You should choose a creamy-textured long-lasting eyeliner for this effect so that you can effortlessly apply it to the lash lines.

We covered Everything here, from easy-to-follow eyeliner ideas to somewhat more complicated ones that may require some more practice. I truly want you guys to try out these eyeliner looks.

Eyeliner alone can’t make any difference, right? So, here are some unique and glamorous eyeshadow looks for you to be the heart of the party.

Eyeshadow Looks

eyeshadow looks

Your whole makeup vibe could well be made or broken by your choice of eyeshadow looks. Eyeshadow is indeed a fascinating opportunity to play with the newest color discoveries. Whether you have several hours to dress up for a major occasion or only a few seconds, these eyeshadow looks are all you need. 

Dual Color

If you are someone seeking a more exciting combo, try this eyeshadow look. On your lid, dab a layer of white foundation, and then set it with transparent powder. Apply any of the desired eyeshadow colors to the eye. Apply some other colour further into the opposite eye after taking it. Smoothen the borders of both eyes by blending them in. You now have 2 distinct makeup colors on each eye.

Super Glittery

Use a strong eyeshadow color to set a foundation cream, such as sunscreen or moisturizer. Use your fingers to add a little eyelash glue onto your eyelid. Quickly dab the glittering powder in each of the designated spots using 3 distinct safe glitters. These will eventually result in a rainbow-like gradient. You now have a festive party makeup look ready with an amazing eye appearance after allowing it to dry completely.

Icy Blue

Since you only need to experiment with one color, this is an easy look you’ll be able to make by yourself. After applying eye foundation or concealer, add the chosen eyeshadow color to your eyelid with a thin brush. To achieve a smudged look, just use a brush on the bottom of the eye. Gently rub on some glittery powder with your index finger.  Use black eyeliner to create a winged eye effect. To finish the effect, apply the blue liner along your eyeliner.

Neon Dreams

This eyeshadow makeup is neither challenging nor simple. You will go through it with ease if you understand how and where to use your brushes. Apply blue eyeshadow from the corner of the eye to just past the center of the eye after that. Use a different brush to add the strawberry shade to the edges of your eyelids, starting at the blue color’s finish point.

Ensure the berry and blue colors are placed perfectly at your eyebrow line. Put a red shade just above the eyebrow. Spread highlighter to the upper lid as previously. Use black liquid eyeliner along your lower lashes and nude mascara to finish the eye makeup look.

eye makeup

These are some of the most trending eye makeup looks of all time. Remember when doing eye makeup, it’s important to pick a color that suits your natural color. Experienced makeup artists advise using gold, violet, and baby green if your skin color is fair. When it comes to dark skin tones, red and blue are great options.

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