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5 Easy Homemade Lip Scrubs

Although cracked lips are unpleasant, everyone experiences them occasionally. Perhaps it’s worth thinking about using a lip scrub if you see yourself grabbing your lip balm frequently.

Infections, dehydration, dryness, extreme heat, coldness, or breezes, as well as behavioral patterns like repeated smoking, are just a few of the causes of dry lips. It’s common to feel dry since lips don’t perform well at absorbing moisture. However, lip scrubbing helps fill up the gaps left by lip balms.

Everyone uses lip balms to have moisturized lips but exfoliating with a homemade lip scrub is just as crucial in keeping them supple and free of dead cells. Yes, I said Homemade since these are simple to make and also a better alternative to the toxic chemicals in over-the-counter products available goods.

Lip Scrub at home

Although scrubbing your face and body is a common practice, scrubbing your lips may be uncommon. Lip scrubs at home are just a manual scrubbing treatment for the lips, a region that is prone to damage by erosive conditions.

The benefits of scrubbing are countless. Exfoliating scrub and moisturizing agent are the two ingredients of lip scrub. The moisturizing or hydrating component gives your scrubber a moisturizing base that makes it simpler to use on the lips. These two works together to soften out and moisturize your lips.

Homemade Lip Scrub for Pink Lips

Scrubbing is not something you do every day. You just need to do this once or thrice a week to keep your lips free from creases and roughness. You should make some homemade lip scrubs at home without spending a lot of money by following the recipes listed below. Scroll down to learn about!

homemade lip scrub for pink lips

1. Sugar lip Scrub

Sugar works as a pure exfoliant to help eliminate rough, dry cells, while coconut oil is packed with nutrients and essential fats that nurture the lips. Naturopathic abilities are abundant in honey.

Combine honey and coconut oil first. Then, add some sugar and cool water. After rubbing the paste on your lips for a couple of minutes in a rotation, wash using cold water.

2. Chocolate Scrub

This DIY lip scrub does more than just quell your urge for chocolates. The chocolate scrub helps eliminate tan and provides intense lip moisture. Antioxidants in vanilla essence protect and repair free radical-induced skin problems. Vanilla essence also offers a wide range of other advantages for fighting wrinkles and fine lines. 

Mix chocolate, sugar, and vanilla essence in a bowl. Massage a portion of the scrub in gentle motions over your lips. For a short time, let the paste rest on your lips. Rinse with tepid water. 

lip scrub at home

3. Orange Scrub

This homemade lip scrub remedy contains orange peel, which is fantastic for healing lips that are dark or stained. Sugar acts as an organic exfoliant for good lips, while olive oil helps hydrate and restore dried, damaged lips.

Make a thin paste by grinding up your dry peels. In a dish, combine the mixture with the sugar and coconut oil. Spend around 2 minutes gently exfoliating your lips with this combination. Use a damp cloth to wipe off or wash it using cool water. Do this once per week.

4. Fruit Scrub

With this cooling lip scrub, you can easily and affordably hydrate and enrich your lips using fruit and vegetables. Kiwi helps to get smoother lips while also soothing irritated and chapped lips. The essential nutrients and vitamins included in berries aid in the treatment of damaged lips.

Blend the strawberries and kiwis until smooth, then put aside. In a mixing bowl, combine the sugar and oil. Mix the ingredients thoroughly by stirring. For additional nutrition, including vitamin E is the best option. Massage the scrub over 10 – 15 minutes in a clockwise direction. Use warm water to wash.

5. Coffee Scrub

You can use coffee for more than just getting out of bed. You may utilize this hidden blade to maintain the youthful appearance of your lips. Coffee grinds and honey are effective exfoliants and moisturizers for lips.

In a dish, thoroughly blend honey and coffee beans. Apply a little amount of this exfoliator on your lips and rub for around 3 minutes in a clockwise direction. Continue using it on your lips and also on your face if needed. To quickly moisturize lips, rinse with hot water.

DIY Lip scrub

DIY Lip Scrub

Making DIY lip scrubs in tiny portions is usually a good idea. They’ll stay for approximately a week or 2 and stay fresh. Use an old, clean lip balm container to preserve your scrub. To avoid bacteria, sterilizing the container by soaking it in lukewarm water for a time is advised. 

Each of these DIY lip scrub remedies are simple to make and can maintain your lips supple, clean, and moisturized without irritating them. However, if you are a lazy person like me, don’t be hesitant to take professional beauty services at home.

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