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5 minute makeup look-complete guide

Need a perfect makeup look in no time? We have designed a complete guide to a 5-minute makeup look just for you.

It’s quite difficult to spare time for our makeup in our busy schedules. But at the same time, we don’t want to look like a troll either. We have seen, businesswomen rushing between one appointment to the next, working mothers balancing work, children with family life, athletes trying their best to get a gold medal, and those just trying to get from morning yoga to breakfast on time.

A hectic schedule may make it challenging for most of us to spare time for selves and make a basic makeup regimen. However, lack  of time shouldn’t stop you from feeling your best. With a little effort, you can achieve a gorgeous, glowing makeup look in a matter of a few minutes using just a few products.

Read our greatest 5-minute makeup look guide in the following paragraphs and discover how to get the perfect makeup look quickly.

Here’s a complete 5 min makeup tutorial:

Undoubtedly, every woman loves makeup. It doesn’t matter if we have a special occasion or not, we need a quick makeup look before stepping out. Whether it is going for a walk or going to buy some groceries.

light makeup

Generally, for special occasions, we get makeup done by expert beauticians, but for a walk or anything, we get to do it ourselves. And everyone searches for a quick makeup tutorial. So, let’s have a look at the steps to have a perfect makeup look in 5 min.

1. Tinted Moisturizers for light makeup

When buying products for a quick makeup look, it’s always better to buy tinted products that do the work of two products, These can save your time so you head on to the next step quickly. These are formulated by professionals to give you a light makeup look.

A tinted moisturizer is one that has a slight tint, as indicated by the name. Unlike foundation, it provides the skin with a subtle tint or polished appearance. It will hide any discoloration and level out your complexion while still allowing some of your skin to look natural. Additionally, it also offers some sun protection.

2. Concealer instead of foundation for simple makeup

Discard the foundation for simple makeup. It takes a long time to blend the foundation for your face your face looks flat and has a uniform complexion. Apply a few dots of this concealer around your lips, in the reddish points of your face, beneath your eyes, and over any imperfections. This will save your time and give you an even skin tone in no time

3. Blush

makeup tutorial

Blush is the makeup’s heart. The extra few minutes spent applying blush makes all the difference. Even if you wouldn’t blend it well, this rose is pretty close to your natural blush, so it still looks lovely. Apply powder blush using a cheek brush, smirk, and concentrate most of it on the high point of the cheeks. Twirl the brush to blend, working your way up towards the forehead and then downward.

4. Eyes & Brows

A few fast whacks of gel brow grooming products enhance the depth and boldness of your eyebrows. Pick a color that fits the shade of your brows currently. Even if your eyebrows are thin, brushing a tiny bit of colored gel upward will give them volume and hold them in place. It also improves your complexion. We do not doubt that many of you are enormous lovers of thick brows. You look stunning when you groom them.

The end product is mascara. You need mascara to look your best. The end product is a single dip of thick, black, full lashes.

Remember to take care of your eyebrows: They are crucial. Your face is framed by them. All you need to do is polish up a bit under the arch. You will appear older if your brows are weaker, so maintenance should be modest.

5. Lips

When you’re pressed for time, a lip color pencil is the best option since it provides you with control and enables you to omit lip liners. Create the lips’ outline and fill it in with your finger, then dab and balance for a delicate yet professional look. To make this process go more quickly, keep your lip pencils sharpened. It should be crisp when applying a bright color, You can also apply a lip gloss or light lipstick to finish. Women seem youthful with some gloss on their lips, and they are even easier to apply than a matte lipstick, which needs greater concentration.

5 min makeup

And voila !!!!!! You are now an expert to get a 5 min makeup look. Makeup is completely personal so you can always feel free to add on your products as per your complexion. Finding the right products and combinations for you is important. You can also try some makeup hacks if you are curious to know some.

We have no excuse to not look beautiful, whether it’s to meet up with friends for breakfast on Sunday, attend a family event, or work another hard day. How much time are you talking about, five minutes? to look stunning!!!! I bet you have that.

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