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5 Step AC Installation Guide

AC installation is a highly complicated procedure. You must select an air conditioner that is robust, airtight, and hydrocarbon-free. Your ac would be ideal if it came with a solid guarantee that covered any necessary ac repairs, as AC requires a lot of maintenance and care.

Installation is the main part because if the foundations aren’t strong, it will lead to other technical issues. Want to learn how to install an ac?? We’ve got you covered

How to Install an AC:

There are mainly two types of Air conditioners in the market: Split AC and Window AC. Procedures for installing the window and the split ac are completely different. Hence, we will cover the complete procedure of installation both types of air conditioners in this article. So, stay Tuned,

Split AC Installation

Split AC Installation could be a difficult task, if necessary, measures are not taken. A split air conditioner that has been improperly placed will not only be inefficient and use more electricity but would also need to be serviced more frequently. So here’s a complete guide on split AC installation

1. Locating a place for installation

Split air conditioners should be mounted on a solid wall large enough to hold both the inside and outside units. An effective wall can prevent disturbances from being produced into the wall, even when the outside unit is not mounted onto the same wall. Additionally, ensure that there is a 15 cm space on both corners and over the interior Ac system. 7 ft off the floor is the perfect altitude.

2. Fixing the mounting place

Place the installation plate towards the walls in which the interior units will be mounted right now. Check to see that the plate is completely flat.  Use a marker to indicate the locations where drilling can be done. Next, drill the markings with nails. Lastly, at a suitable location, make a hole approximately 7-8 cm in diameter through which the tubes and wiring will exit for the outside units.  

3. Installing ac

Disconnect the front panel of the split air conditioner and raise it near the surface bracket. Pass the copper pipes, and wastewater pipe via the exit hole. To ensure effective cooling, ensure the copper pipes’ curves are smooth. Ideally, use black tape to join.  The AC unit should now be properly mounted on the base plate.

Now you Split AC Installation is done, let’s move on to window ac installation

split ac installation

Window AC Installation

Comparatively speaking to split air conditioners, window ac installation can be fast and easy. Considering how hefty the Ac system is, you should have assistance helping you out with it. Let’s now discuss how to appropriately install a window air conditioner.

1. Taking Measurements

The window AC’s length and height should be measured. The stability of the window AC throughout performance will be determined by how correctly the measures are taken. Additionally, examine the windows and record any differences in size.

2. The window AC installation frame

It is now needed to construct the window AC’s frame. Create a framework that is the same size as the Ac system using the wood. Ensure that the framework is stable and robust.

3. Fitting the AC

Remove the Ac system from the box and place it in the frame at this point. Make sure you mount the unit with a small slant outward. It is done to ensure that all accumulated water drains outdoors naturally. By bolting it in place, the unit is secured to the framework. Now, cautiously raise the Ac system and lower it into the framework.  After installing the front panel and filters on the AC, you’re done.

4. Protection

There shouldn’t be any holes to ensure that your AC provides the best conditioning possible. Fill up any gap that exists. Additionally, this will prevent bugs and dust from getting into the room. To achieve a tight seal externally, use plastic sealing tape.

AC Installation Service

AC Installation is a very complicated process. If you can do it on your own, great!!!! But if you aren’t, do not hesitate to seek professional help. AC Installation also requires a lot of advanced Equipements which might not be available at your house.

GoReady AC Installation Service can provide you with professional technicians and advanced equipment to get your work done in no time.

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