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6 Viral Makeup Hacks I bet you didn’t Know

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We love watching the viral makeup hacks reel the most out of all the ones that flooded our feed. And if you’re a fellow beauty expert, we bet you, too, can’t resist smart makeup hacks that can save you money and time. From perfect contouring techniques to many uses for one single product, viral makeup hacks can be insane, and some of them work surprisingly well.

If you’re something like us—(totally obsessed with cosmetics)—you probably live for exploring new makeup hacks. Your life slogan is undoubted: I like to know everything—and I would like to learn it now. So, it’s your day today! We’re revealing all of our go-to makeup hacks that can modernize your process and possibly even make it more joyful. When you have these in your possession, people will be stunned to discover that you have a luxe line-up at your fingertips.

With no further ado, let’s explore the realm of viral makeup hacks you must definitely give it a shot :

1. Lip exfoliating

Exfoliation is the method of removing dead skin from the lips’ surface, either manually or chemically. Even though skin cells may automatically release themselves, they may not do so completely, which can result in dry patches and flakes.

lip exfoliating

Lips can be gently exfoliated with sugar or just a soft toothbrush to remove any extra dead skin cells, improving the appearance and texture of the lips.

Exfoliate off any dead cells from the surface of your lips to prepare a smooth surface whenever you want to apply a dark or tinted lip color. To help things work out, use a lip cleanser and then apply a nourishing lip balm.

2. Invisible lip liner

Even while we adore a decent lip kit, it is not necessary to have a lip liner that matches every lipstick you possess. Many excellent invisible lip liners are available, which would maintain your lip makeup for many hours. Additionally, it’s indeed clear, and therefore it plainly coordinates everything.

Lips should be lined with a clear wax liner before lipstick is applied. These undetectable lip liners are made to stay in color, extending their wear and reducing shading. To begin, use the lip liner and fill in any tiny creases around your lips. Then, use a lip liner that is the same color as the lipstick you’ll be wearing, and fill in the remaining part of your lips.

3. Using Setting Spray

Setting sprays, in my opinion, are a means to control how your makeup looks or to extend its durability. They may be used to moisturize the skin both before and after applying makeup, and they serve as a barrier to prevent the makeup from breaking.

If you believe that using setting sprays is an extra step that is not essential, think again. A few spritzes will ensure that your makeup look doesn’t budge and endures for the duration of your comprehensive day, whatever it may hold. Once you’ve finished applying your makeup, splash the setting spray over your face while holding the bottle 8 to 10 inches away from your face.

4. Testing Foundation

The basis for practically all makeup is the foundation. It helps with hiding imperfections and balancing the complexion. It provides a more consistent surface on which to put your remaining makeup. But how do you determine your foundation color?

Choosing the proper foundation color is essential. The incorrect shade will seem glaring and unnatural regardless of what kind of foundation you like (whether that’s a full powder foundation or the newest liquid foundation on the market). The foundation shade you select should be as close to your skin tone as possible.

Testing foundation

We’ve all been there: stuck in a drugstore or cosmetic shop while trying to determine the ideal foundation shade. It’s uncomfortable and difficult, and you can go through all the work of testing several colors and still come up empty-handed. The key problem is that you’re trying to test face beauty products on the face itself.

It may seem strange, but the skin around your neckline is the best spot to test makeup rather than your face, which can be affected by conditions like acne and excessive sunburns. This is why it more accurately reflects your actual skin tone!

5. Eyebrow Shaping

Before you start plucking hairs, spend the time selecting your ideal eyebrow shape. Finding the right form for your face is vital since your eyebrows draw attention to the attributes of your face. The ideal eyebrow shape for someone with a square face is softly arched. Your facial features will be softer thanks to this brow shape.

The best eyebrow shape for you if you’ve got a round face is one that is slightly angular since it might give you the appearance of having a defined bone structure. Maintaining well-groomed brows will assist in maintaining the top of your tower’s excellent form if you have a face with a heart shape. While plucking your brows, always pull from underneath.

6. Cleaning Makeup Brushes

cleaning makeup brushes

If you apply makeup frequently, you’ve certainly noticed that after a few usages, your makeup brushes start looking a bit unclean. Makeup chemicals, grease, and dust provide the ideal conditions for bacteria to grow, making makeup brushes an easy breeding ground for germs that might damage your skin.

You should therefore attempt to clean your makeup brushes every 6 to 12 days. By cleaning makeup brushes properly, you may significantly reduce your risk of developing allergies, rashes, and acne.

Cleaning makeup brushes will help you maintain fresh skin and a flawless look skincare routine. Try cleaning your brushes immediately after each usage and performing a full clean about once a week.

Here are some best ways to efficiently clean your makeup brushes.

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