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5 Best Diwali Rangoli Designs

Diwali is such an opulently glorious festival, during which people believe that Devi Lakshmi visits their houses to bestow blessings of good health, abundant money, happiness, and a healthy life. People decorate the doorways of homes and businesses with rangoli designs to invite her.

Rangolis add a finishing touch to the celebrations because color, décor, & enthusiasm are a big aspect of practically every Indian festival.

Additionally, according to a centuries-old folktale, certain Indian communities choose to create complex rangolis to deter the bad luck (curse) from reaching their houses and to encourage an abundance of good fortune.

Easy Diwali Rangoli Designs

We have compiled a list of 10 gorgeous easy Diwali rangoli designs for you to ensure that you are properly ready for the upcoming celebration, bearing in mind our rich heritage and tradition. The most recent rangoli designs will enable you to astound everybody with your artistic skills. Fear not; as shown in the pictures of rangoli designs, these patterns are straightforward to interpret.

Let’s get started,

1. Flower Rangoli

A variety of colors and flowers are used in this easy Rangoli design. The flower petals are specifically chosen to fit with the remainder of the rangoli pattern. Anybody can draught the simple design since it is simple to execute. Once lighted, the little candles in the heart of the rangoli design will enhance its attractiveness even more. Not just for Diwali, but for many other occasions as well, this rangoli pattern is appropriate.

rangoli for diwali

2. Symmetrical rangoli

This rangoli pattern is among the most recent ones. It features a geometrical flower design. This design has a 3D impression thanks to the contrast of bright and dark colors. This rangoli pattern is ideal for bringing festive occasions to life with vivid color.

simple rangoli

3. Traditional Rangoli

This is a vivid illustration of a classic Indian rangoli design. Indian rangoli patterns frequently include peacocks and their stunning plumes. This design is simply a more contemporary interpretation of conventional patterns. As component of Diwali celebrations, the footprints of Devi Lakshmi are frequently created on the ground since they are thought to be fortunate. This rangoli raises the bar for elegance and good fortune thanks to the bright feathers.

diwali rangoli designs

4. Multi-Color Rangoli Design

This is a brand-new rangoli design that stands out in a certain manner. We have seen many rangoli designs, but this one stands out for its vivid colors. This pattern is highly appealing since it incorporates rice flour and a wide variety of colors.

easy diwali rangoli designs

5. Border rangoli

This specific rangoli style is for anyone who doesn’t have much time to sit down and make a rangoli because of your hectic schedule. This rangoli combines a wide range of components. It is a floral border rangoli made of wood. It is both straightforward and beautiful.

Additionally, it’s quite simple to execute and won’t take long to finish. All you need to do is organize your wooden rangoli’s components as you wish. The wooden rangoli is then outlined with bright flowers. If you’d like, you may also use earthen lanterns in this arrangement.

Simple Rangoli for Diwali

Rangoli, that offers a variety of styles, colors, forms, flowery, and eye-catching designs, is among the primary highlights of any Indian festival. Use these adorable and simple rangoli patterns for Deepavali to greet the Heavenly goddess’s home.

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