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10 Do’s & Don’ts for Healthy Skin

Your skin is an important yet undervalued part of your body. It serves as a protection against various unwanted particles and shields the inner organs from the surroundings.

This means that your skin requires a lot of attention and nutrition. Maintaining good and healthy skin is essential for looking elegant, self-assured, and alluring. Most of us prefer taking over-the-counter products and beauty services at home to maintain healthy skin.

The secret to glowing and healthy skin goes far beyond the cleanser you use. It depends upon your eating habits, levels of physical activity, anxiety levels, and also the surroundings wherein you live.

Each of these factors has an impact on how quickly your skin changes and the way it will appear.

Do’s and Don’ts for Healthy Skin

Absolutely no perfect skin exists, what those Instagram filters make us believe is a myth. A tough day, but we’ll make it!

Although having flawless skin might not be attainable, it is still feasible to have your skin at its best. To maintain healthy skin, follow these do’s and don’ts.

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1. Do wear Sunscreen

The term “healthy tan” does not exist. Tanned skin is harmed skin. Avoid tanning and always wear sunscreen because just a minor exposure also increases your chance of developing skin cancer.

For preserving your skin every day, use a moisturizer with 40 SPF or more. Also, use sunscreen with at least SPF 30 when you’re going to be outdoors and reapply it every two hours. There are several options for sunscreen. Select a waterproof option that has a broad UVA and UVB range.

2. Do Cleanse your Face

As the day passes by, dust and grease clog your pores. It’s better to cleanse your skin in the afternoon and at night to get rid of this dust and dirt. Avoid using heated water because it might dry up and hurt your skin.

3. Do maintain a balanced diet

Your face reflects whatever you consume. Maintaining a nutritious diet gives your healthy and glowing skin. It is beneficial to include a lot of vegetables, fruits, and leaves in your diet. Strawberries and tomatoes eaten raw might assist to improve your skin. An organized and devoted nutrition plan will result in good skin.

4. Do Maintain hydration

Healthy skin requires adequate hydration. Water helps the body remove impurities, rejuvenates the skin, cleanses the pores, and brings a healthy and pleasant appearance. Since your skin is the final organ to get all the nutrients and water, drinking lots of water is important while under stress. Your skin would then stay hydrated and radiant as a result.

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5. Do Exercise

Exercise boosts metabolism and blood flow all through your body. This help in feeding all of the cells, resulting in healthy and clear skin. It also stimulates the creation of oil or sebum, that’s your skin’s natural moisturizer. This is crucial since blood transports oxygen and essential vitamins that help preserve skin health.

6. Don’t Smoke

Smoking is extremely damaging to your skin. It encourages aging and reduces all of the minerals and proteins needed for good skin. It also lowers blood flow, which leads to creases, age spots, and dark circles. Cigarette smoke contains monoxide, which dries out and discolors your skin. Hence, it is preferable to quit smoking entirely.

7. Don’t Overdo

Your skin is the most fragile and critical organ in the body. It is essential to nurture your beautiful skin with suitable products. Do not overload it with toxins and chemicals, since they will cause irritation and breakouts.

Reduce your usage of, gels, and capsules. Always remove your makeup when getting to bed and allow your skin to relax because wearing makeup overnight might create skin issues.

8. Don’t touch your face

Hands contain the most bacteria and viruses since they are frequently used to grasp and transport items. Constantly contacting your skin may transmit all the germs from your hand to the face, which will eventually lead to skin problems like acne, breakouts, etc. 

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9. Don’t Pick

Because of the excessive release of your natural skin oil, acne frequently forms on the face. Do not use your finger to pick up the acne. They get infected and cause scars on the face. Allow the acne to heal naturally or use some home remedies for acne. 

10. Don’t use Medications

To improve the condition of your skin, avoid using over the counter (OTC) skincare products and medications unless a professional dermatologist advises you to. The medications or skincare products used may have adverse effects that trigger the pre-existing issue.

Healthy Glowing skin

Follow a healthy lifestyle and routines to achieve the healthy glowing skin you’ve usually wished for. Ensure you do not overdo it with these treatments, or you’ll end up damaging your skin even more. If you notice anything unusual, do not hesitate to visit a qualified dermatologist.

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