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8 Ways to Fix Cakey Makeup

You spent several hours getting that perfect makeup look. You have performed all the necessary steps. Just as you’re prepared to take a selfie, you check in the phone camera and notice the dreadful facial cracks and cakey makeup! And now you are frustrated and refuse to go, and lie in bed? Absolutely not!

You may not be able to identify cakey makeup specifically, but you will undoubtedly recognize it when it appears on your face: the pores, the marks of borders, the patchy, uneven skin, and the fine wrinkles that appear more vivid and visible than they are.

Now you might be wondering, what causes cakey makeup? the most common cause is overusing makeup but not enough primer. Additionally, dry skin impacts how foundation formulas work on your face. For instance, for dry-skinned people, the foundation will rapidly sink into your skin rather than resting there. With everything in consideration, let’s go through some expert advice on how to fix cakey makeup and avoid it in the future.

Here are 8 ways of fixing cakey makeup

Cakey makeup primarily refers to a foundation that seems heavy, thick, and visible, but it’s also sort of a sneak-up an expression for uneven, patchy makeup that’s wrinkling, sliding about, splitting up, etc. The list of reasons for cakey makeup can go on and on. 

But how do we fix that? Need not worry.

Cakey makeup is the most common problem with makeup. Hence, we have evaluated 8 ways to fix cakey makeup and get a natural look in no time.

Let’s get started

1. Blend your Cakey Foundation

Applying foundation evenly needs more than just wiping that on and leaving it for the day. After applying your foundation, if it still appears cakey, you haven’t successfully completed blending. Once your foundation has essentially been set, softly press it into your skin several times with a moist Beauty Blender (about three minutes). The blending and smudging will remove any sharp lines and guarantee that every single part of your face is evenly covered.

2. Use Setting Spray to Avoid Cakey Makeup

Still don’t use a makeup setting spray? Why though? Once you’ve completed all of your detailing, setting, blending, and airbrushing and your cheeks look like dusted donuts, you have to dissipate every last bit of powders on your skin. In addition to fixing your makeup, a setting spray helps remove any powdered coating and set it all in your face for a much more natural look.

avoid cakey makeup

On the other hand, makeup setting sprays are utilized as a final touch to lock in your beauty. Having said that, there are beauty-setting sprays that may be used to begin and end your makeup look and serve the dual purpose of being a primer spray.

3. Use face Oil at the End

Regardless of the effort, you put into it, dry skin still tends to look cakey and patchy. Using a little bit of oil at the final stage of your makeup routine can assist you in giving your foundation an even complexion. if your bronzer seems cakey, powdery, or soggy after you’ve completed it. Simply drop some face oil on your hand, tap your beauty blender into it a few times, then stipple it softly (lightly!) on the dry areas of your face. With this approach, every product you use will become attached to your face and merge into it.

4. Powdering your nose

Here’s a tip for you if the whole of your face looks good but your nose always seems shiny. After priming, apply a translucent powder that is colored in a shade that suits your skin tone on your nose using a moist brush. After covering your face with foundation, use what’s left on your brush to gently conceal your nose. Finish by dusting on a little extra powder.

Here, it’s recommended to use powder rather than a liquid foundation to provide the majority of the coverage. This would help in maintaining a uniform foundation and stop the substance from slipping and crumbling close to your nose.

5. Decide Where to Apply your concealer.

If your primary complaint is that your under-eye makeup creases when you smile frequently (smiling is wonderful!)  Apply your concealer solely to the innermost regions of your eyes, blending it outwardly (keep doing that!). In other words, avoid putting any product in the outer corner and avoid painting a thick brush under your eyes.

fixing cakey makeup

By using this method, you could get treatment where it’s needed without having loads of thickness wherever your face typically wrinkles. You see, even if you didn’t put on the makeup, wrinkling may make your skin appear cakey.

6. Pair your Products

Although not everyone likes using makeup primer, if you frequently deal with makeup that wrinkles and moves, you’ll gain from doing so. However! Not all primers and foundations work well together. For instance, silicone primers work best with silicone foundations, whereas water primers are more adaptable and can be used with either silicone-or water-based foundations. Just look at the list of ingredients: You probably have a silicone-based primer or foundation if you have cakey makeup. 

7. Choose a correct Foundation

Many foundations are more vulnerable to cakey and patchy makeup. It’s better to change to a lightweight foundation if you believe the formula you’re using is to blame for your damaged makeup looks. We love foundations that are subtle but long-lasting.

Additionally, you should consider how a product will look on your skin tone.  If you have rough and dry skin, you might want to stay away from some powdered foundations since they might highlight your dry spots and add to your cakey makeup.

8. Set up everything

Once you have done all your makeup, apply a thin surface of setting powder all over your face and beneath your eyes with a gentle touch. Wipe off any extra powder with a tapering powder brush. Make sure you avoid using the baking method in this situation since it can cause your makeup to dry out and wrinkle even more. Choose a watery makeup setting spray if your skin is dry.

How to Get a non cakey Makeup with no efforts ?

non cakey makeup

Non cakey makeup is the dream of every woman who suffers from cakey makeup. The tips and tricks shared above can help a lot to avoid cakey makeup in no time. Experts can easily use these steps and get a no makeup look in just a blink of an eye. It might take some while for you to understand and perform each step properly, but eventually, you will get a perfect look in no time.

But what if you are a beginner? what if you know nothing about makeup and how to apply each product?

It’s going to be extremely difficult if you don’t know anything about makeup. It can even worsen the situation if don’t perform the steps properly. Its nearly impossible for beginner to get everything perfect at once. This can even go wrong when you are in a rush to attend an important event.

So what now? what should a beginner-level person do to get a non cakey makeup look in minutes?

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