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8 Indian Bridal Makeup Looks

Excited about your wedding? Undoubtedly, it’s completed without a perfect wedding look. Here are the top Indian bridal makeup looks of 2022.

The wedding day is always special for each one of us, and every bride dreams that her wedding day goes as perfectly and precisely as expected. Planning a wedding can be stressful, though, from finding the right catering company to work with to going over the guest list to make sure it is up-to-date and whatnot.

Your makeup for your big day will be the last step in creating a flawless look and should be an important part of your wedding planning. Your makeup look can make your day or break your day. So, choose bridal makeup look wisely.

India is among the nations with the widest cultural diversity. There are various cultures and traditions in this country. Hence, every Indian bride wants to keep both tradition and current fashions in mind when deciding on her wedding look.

Indian Bridal Makeup Looks

You already have a tons of makeup ideas on your vision board, but how about a list of wedding makeup looks that will give you a few latest trend ideas?

Let’s have a look at some of the trending wedding makeup looks

Indian bridal makeup looks

Smokey eyes matte look

Looking for a simple and bright makeup look for your wedding? Then, this look is for you.

Smokey eyes with matte brown lips and eyes become a perfect choice for a bride. You want to make sure your makeup artist knows how to do them well though because when done poorly it can ruin the entire wedding makeup look in no time.

No makeup wedding look

Meghan Markle’s wedding look received plenty of publicity. The Queen used less makeup, almost to the point of radiantly expressing her natural look. She does have incredible skin, therefore it was essentially a secured decision. She didn’t do much to her appearance other than adding some bright foundation, nude pink lips, & soft lashes.

The “Less is often more” principle has been around for a while. Nothing could go wrong with it. In this instance, it refers to an extremely classic look, an understated appearance with nude shades to highlight the color that is typically worn by Indian brides.

HD makeup with red lipstick

HD makeup, or high-definition makeup, elevates a heavenly glow and tends to make your appearance perfect. For Indian brides, this wedding look is extremely popular.

simple wedding makeup

If you prefer muted, natural, and light colors, then this look must be your approach. This makeup style makes use of a thick foundation which gives a bold and natural look. And a  semi-matte lipstick that lasts to create a better appearance. The lipstick is usually red because the color red has always been a staple in Indian wedding makeup.

Simple Bridal makeup look

Virushka undoubtedly impressed us all with their delightful photographs, and the Bride’s pale pink outfit stood out particularly. Many ladies chose the pale pink color for their wedding after Sharma’s look was out.

Her simple bridal makeup look also attracted attention in addition to the attire. To complement her outfits, light blush hues were gently added to her lips, eyelids, and cheeks. The result was truly gorgeous.

Bengali Bride Makeup look

If you are going to be a Bengali bride, you would like to be dressed in a red saree traditionally. A Bengali bride’s wedding makeup should include bold red lips, highlighter, and pointed eyeliner to draw attention to the stunning eye makeup, as well as precise, and perfect brow and thick, stunning eyelashes to draw attention to the distinctive eyes of the Bengali people. 

Colored Eyeliners

The stages are covered in colored eyeliners in a variety of shades, including bright blue, lime green, Iconic pink, and fruity orange. It had to find its way into bridal makeup looks too! Although it might not be ideal to give it a shot for the first time on the wedding day, you can experiment with this look in your pre-wedding glamour, like for the photo shoot, or a small get-together.

Maroon Look

The red lipstick trend is down, and a new favorite has emerged. It is very famously referred to as the “Marrakech maroon.” It’s way more natural looking and comes in shades like a berry. It can be used as a bold look that adds a lot of color to your outfit, or it can even go with lighter colors for more casual occasions like Mehndi and sangeet.

Winged eyeliner

wedding makeup looks

For the Indian wedding look, a winged eyeliner look will always be in hot demand. The classic from the past has changed over the years and is now soft and elegant. The 2022 wing is much more up-to-date. Instead of being overly dramatic, it has a 20-degree angular position, according to experts.

Wedding makeup looks

The distinctive traditions and extensive cultural heritage of India define the style of an Indian wedding. However, the same wedding day becomes a regretful day, when you don’t get the look you desired, especially when the makeup artist ruins your entire look.

Hence, its important to book a reliable makeup artist with proper experience in the field. But how do we get one ? Don’t worry we have a answer for all your queries.

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We wholeheartedly hope you’ve enjoyed reading about bridal makeup looks in India. These Indian bridal makeup looks are among the most trendy and elegant. So which one from the above, stole your heart? Let us know in the comments below.

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