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7 Step No Makeup Look Guide

You may have seen celebrities and popular people outside without makeup, but still, they look just as glamorous as they do on screen. But now the question is how can we look like a troll without makeup, and celebrities always look perfect and beautiful without any effort? It’s probably because of the no makeup look !

While it’s fascinating to dress up in proper makeup and bright red lipstick, there are some days when you just want to feel and look your best without makeup. And that’s when a no-makeup look keeps your day! With a minimum of products and effort, no-makeup makeup gives you a beautiful look that comes naturally.

But what is no makeup look? No makeup look can be defined in a number of ways, but for me, it’s all about complementing natural beauty. For those who like to “feel like themselves but dressed up,” no makeup look is the way to go.

For a long time, the no-makeup look has indeed been popular on the streets. I bet you would have tried to do it on your own and it didn’t work out.

So now what, how do we get the same no makeup look like the celebrities?

Need not worry, we are here for you!!!!!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting the No Makeup Look Makeup Tutorial

From a complete guide on how to get this look to the best no-makeup products for your beauty kit, read on to find out how you could continue this beauty trend in just 10 minutes.

Step 1 : First Step Is Skincare Routine

skincare routine

Both the elegant makeup and no-makeup looks begin with a healthy glowskincare routine.
In my opinion, the most crucial aspect of any makeup look is skincare. Clean, well-hydrated skin helps makeup seem less cakey and more natural. Without using excessive makeup, a proper skincare routine (that you follow every day) will make your skin look healthier. To ensure your radiance, be sure to mark these items off your list:

Exfoliate: It’s essential to exfoliate: Based on your skin type, gently exfoliate the skin using a cotton ball and micellar water. After that, suitably moisturize the skin.

Hydrate very well: Use a hydrating face spray to prepare your skin for a no-makeup look.

Apply your skincare after using a facial spray to hydrate your face, then follow up with a moisturizer. Rich moisturizers with active hydrators are suitable for dry skin types. While people with oily skin should use lightweight moisturizers.

Step 2 : Skin prep

You require an effective skincare routine to pull off the no-makeup look. Use a smoothing primer to eliminate big pores and provide a flawless and even base after cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your face. Choose between a glossy or a mattifying primer based on your skin type to give your skin a smooth and comfortable appearance.

The best skin prep is the secret to no makeup looks. Before applying any makeup, the skin should be properly hydrated and illuminated as possible. Apply an eye cream, moisturizer, and super-soft primer to hide flaws.

Step 3 : Throw out the foundation for a light makeup look

I advise omitting the foundation for a quick and easy no-makeup look. Instead, use a light exfoliation to smooth and brighten your skin, and then seal the complexion with a matt, oil-free sunscreens.

If you still like to apply a tiny bit of facial makeup, search for a foundation that provides transparent to mild coverage. Keep your skin looking natural and allow your skin’s tone vibe.

Step 4 : Natural Eye makeup

Eye makeup

You must keep your eye makeup simple and nearly naked for no-makeup makeup.

Keep your eyeshadow gentle, such as nude, grey, or brown, and fill in your brows with brow gel. Apply a medium brown tone to the lower lash line and outside corner before applying one or two coats of mascara. For vibrant, bright eyes, began with a crème eyeshadow in a color as close to your skin color. “

Depending on your preference, it may or may not have a hint of shine. The eyeshadow should be blended upwards towards your lash line, diminishing as it approaches your brows. Creams are very simple and quick to apply, and they generally stay more natural throughout the day.

Apply a wiggling mascara to your lashes to give them some more volume without seeming like you’re wearing false lashes.

Step 5 : Put some blush on your cheeks.

Blush is indeed an ideal method to blow up your complexion, and a creamy blush will spread and merge with your skin more naturally than compared to powdered blush. I adore the combination products for cheeks. Many companies now provide cosmetics that can be used on the cheeks, eyes, and lips, and I adore using creamy blush for eye makeup as well.


This is a wonderfully elegant method for adding a subtle natural blush to the face. Start lightly while applying blush and tone it up as necessary. Applying too much may be fixed by going back and blending it out with a touch of foundation.

Step 6 : Lip Tint for natural makeup look

The final step to finishing your no makeup look? Give your lips a pink tint. A tinted balm is a beautiful, all-natural approach to go with lip color. While requiring less work and maintenance than your typical bullet lipstick, a tinted balm or sticky tint nevertheless adds color to the lips. You can also, Apply creamy lipsticks that go with your lips naturally to maintain your lip makeup smooth.

Step 7 : The last step is the Setting Spray

Setting spray

Once you’ve completed all the steps, use a setting spray to lock your no-makeup look in effect. Even if you aren’t attempting to set many ingredients in order, giving your skin some spritzes of your favorite setting spray will give it a refreshing boost.

Does all of this sound frustrating and a bit more complex?

I know that with people who don’t even know how to apply eyeliner, it’s hard to go through all these steps and get a natural no makeup look. Sometimes it is even more difficult for professionals to achieve a proper complexion. But then what is the solution?

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