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7-Step Simple Party Makeup Look

Although some claim that the after-party is what counts most, for makeup enthusiasts, the pre-party is everything. A real party, or an intermission party, is just part of the enjoyment.

For makeup lovers, the party makeup look is everything. Party time is the only time we get to experiment with the vibrant and glittering shades that are usually confined to the bottom of your cosmetics bag, unopened. if you’re not a fan of glittery makeup or red gloss, there are tons of bold colors, matte finishes, and tints to choose from.

And that’s exactly what we are going to do today. Here’s a complete guide to a simple party makeup look

Simple Party Makeup Look

It doesn’t matter if it’s ladies’ night or your dearest friend’s sangeet; partying in stunning clothing and applying graceful party makeup can quickly put you in the spirit to party the entire night. But a makeover does not need a quick trip to the neighborhood beautician. You don’t always need a no-makeup look; you’ll be prepared to shake the night in minutes with this easy and simple party makeup regimen.

simple party makeup

Step 1: Moisturize

Moisturize your face to keep your skin well hydrated. Flawless makeup requires well-hydrated skin. Your eternal beauty is more important than anything else. So, the very first step is to apply a moisturizer that suits your skin type.

Step 2: Primer

Long-lasting makeup is essential, especially when going out to parties, which can cause sweating and greasy skin. Apply a thin layer, and an equal coat of primer over the face and hands. With this, you get long-lasting makeup in no time. 

Step 3: Party Eye Makeup

We advise beginning with your eye makeup because even basic party makeup also requires a lot of sparkles and shine on the eyelids. This makes it simpler to remove any eyeshadow scuff marks while preserving your foundation makeup.

Use a brow pencil to color your eyebrows & highlight the angles. In the center, apply a nude brown shade from the Eyeshadow Palette. Add some dark brown to the outer part to highlight. Apply a shimmering eyeshadow with your fingertip, and for maximum spice, dab a little black shade on the outside edge of your eyes.

party makeup look

For a more glamorous party makeup look, emphasize your top lashes with striking liquid liner and create a stunning cat eye. Additionally, for a ruined eyeliner look, apply a little black shadow along your top lash line. Start smoking out gloomy brown eye makeup on the lower lashes with a flat, slanted brush, and also for added impact, apply black kajal to both your lash lines.

Add one, two, or 3 coats of your preferred texturizing mascara to complete the eye makeup.

Step 4: Foundation

Choose a long-lasting foundation to avoid worrying about it disappearing over the day, and then use a concealer to hide your black spots, as well as any imperfections and dark spots. Apply concealer sparingly to the neck, head, and face. Then, to achieve a perfect, strong base, use a damp foundation sponge. Ensure your foundation makeup properly fit your skin color because you’ll likely take a bunch of camera flashes during your event.

Step 5: Blush

It’s ideal to use a blush to give your face the often-needed color and radiance. Dab your chosen blush color liberally on the tops of your cheeks.  To create a pleasantly rosy look, lightly sweep your brush over your nose’s top.

Step 6: Highlight

Parties are the ideal occasion to light up to the Divinities, so use a brilliant gold highlighter gently. Add glitter to your face’s main attractions, including the nose, the area just below the curve of your eyebrows. For maximum shine, you may also use a very small quantity of highlighter in the outer corners of your eyes.

Step 7: Lipsticks

Finally, it’s now time to start beginning the most pleasant aspect of any makeup: your lipsticks! When applying lipstick, outline your lip with a liner to prevent fading or feathering outside of your nude lip line.

During your party, there is going to be a bunch of chatting, dining, and sipping, therefore you’ll need waterproof lip makeup. Your lips should remain at the center of your face even while using little makeup for the party to create an impression without overdoing.

party simple makeup

Party Simple Makeup

When you’re getting done with your party makeup, you really shouldn’t forget to use a setting spray to fix it all and seal in your makeup. And bam! You’re all set to celebrate all night long.

But wait, what if you are a beginner and know nothing about makeup? You still want to rock the party, don’t you?

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