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Skin Care Home Remedies for 3 Skin Types for Glowing Skin

Ask any Indian grandmother about skincare tips for Indian skin and she will open up a basket of skin care home remedies for glowing and flawless skin. These skin care recipes have been passed out from generation to generation and are still worthy. Undoubtedly, I am a huge admirer of these beauty secrets as it has done wonders for me.

Being in a country with exposure to all kinds of environmental experiences can make it a bit difficult to take care of your skin. We are also very well aware of the diet of Indians. We love buttery, spicy food, which is not good for our skin. But Desi problems have Desi solutions.

But what are the solutions??

The simple skin care home remedies that our grandmothers always share with us are the solution. I understand that your hectic schedule doesn’t allow you to spend much time in your kitchen, but if you dig hard enough, your kitchen can become a secret mall for skincare products. Numerous items in your kitchen can do more than just cook.

I know you have a busy schedule and can’t spend hours in the kitchen making skincare products. But don’t worry, we are going to share some quick skincare recipes for glowing skin that will hardly take 5 mins from your busy day.

We classified Indian skin into three categories: To achieve the greatest results, use these DIY skincare recipes suited to your skin type. Let’s get started.

skin care home remedies

Quick Skin Care remedies for Normal Skin-

It is tough for someone with normal skin to find skincare products on the market. But why look for things around when you have everything you need right in your kitchen?

Here are some quick skin care home remedies at the ease of your home for normal skin :

  1. Facial by mixing half a bowl of papaya pulp with half a teaspoon of raw milk cream.
  2. Mix two spoons of barley, half a spoon of gram flour, and one spoon of crushed rose leaves in half a spoon of sesame oil and apply it on the face daily.
  3. Apply one spoon of honey mixed with one spoon of lemon juice and four spoons of cucumber juice.
  4. Mix ripe banana pulp, tomato juice, glycerin, and cream of raw milk and apply to the face for half an hour. Massage it and after it, you can apply ice to close the pores.
  5. Apply mosambi juice and boiled apple pulp in carrot juice as a pack with sandalwood powder.
  6. Soak two spoons of urad dal and apply one spoon of chironji and one spoon of almond paste to it.
  7. Peel the grapes and rub them all over your face.
  8. Freeze coconut water like ice and rub it on the face.

Take an equal quantity of moong dal and rice powder and mix them with milk. The complexion of the face will change in 21 days. You should try the gold facial once a month to rejuvenate your skin.

skincare home remedies

Quick skincare home remedies for dry skin

There is a lot to do for people with dry skin. This skin type is dehydrated and must be cared for. It is recommended to drink 3-4 liters of water per day with some of the following skin care remedies at your home for the best results:

  1. Apply two pinches of camphor and half a teaspoon of lemon juice to four spoons of coconut oil and massage.
  2. Mix sugar, almonds, and chironji powder in raw milk and apply.
  3. Apply watermelon pulp to the face.
  4. Mix tomato pulp with curd and keep it for half an hour. Apply this to the face thrice a week.
  5. Apply pear pulp mixed with honey and milk.
  6. Apply honey mixed with turmeric and cucumber juice.
  7. Mix tomato, radish, and cucumber juice into one quantity and use it daily.
  8. Apply curd mixed with radish juice. Then a facial with melon pulp.

Pro Tip – Use less soap and facewash based on chemicals. Try Multani mitti to wash or products based on milk shea butter or fruit extracts. You should only go with Diamond Facial, Fruit Facial to get the face glow back.

Quick skincare home remedies for oily skin

Acne and oily skin are difficult to treat. Nonetheless, natural remedies will work without using chemical products or costly skin care programs. Here are 8 quick skin care home remedies for oily skin that you might try.

  1. Boil the apples and mix this pulp with grapes, which are acidic, and keep them on the face and cover them with tissue paper. It will nourish the skin properly.
  2. Clean the face by mixing mosambi juice with milk.
  3. Apply an equal quantity of milk mixed with cucumber and lemon juice.
  4. Mix tomato juice and honey into the papaya pulp and massage the face for ten minutes.
  5. Soak the gram dal in milk and grind the lentils. Mix an equal quantity of rice flour in it and clean the skin with this.
  6. Mix red sandalwood and rose water in multani mitti and use it as a face pack.
  7. Apply one spoon of mint and one spoon of basil powder mixed with two spoons of multani mitti.
  8. Make ice of cucumber and orange juice on oily skin and rub it daily.

Pro tip: Try to clean your face at least twice a day. After coming back from outside, you must clean your face before going to bed with a mild face wash. The Pearl Facial and Gold Facial are really good for you. You can give them a try.

Now that you know all the skincare remedies, let me know in the comments below, which one are you going to try first?

These skin care remedies will work wonders and give you smooth and flawless skin. But if you want to get instant results and also improve your health, then you must also try some nutritional beauty drinks for also.

Most of the above-mentioned remedies are influenced by Ayurveda, an ancient branch of Indian science concerned with health and well-being. The skin care recipes I discussed above are very easy to perform to get glowing and spotless skin.

Many of us are constantly on the lookout for beautiful, clear skin but are very lazy to even spend 5 mins in the kitchen. But don’t worry, where there is hope, there is a way. But what way??

Some of you might be thinking, why don’t we get these natural products at a beauty store?? is it necessary to make them yourself??

Of course not. If you don’t want to spend much time on skincare remedies, you can try our natural skin care products with no harmful chemicals. We deliver the products to your doorstep, so there is no need to step out for beauty products. All the skincare products are made from natural ingredients, which suit all skin types. We are trusted by thousands of happy customers all over India.

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