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8 Steps Smokey Eyes Makeup

Smokey eyes are a popular makeup trend often seen on celebrities and models. The eye shadow technique has been around for a while and looks good anytime, not just at night or for special occasions. You can create this look with some practice, maybe even in the privacy of your own home!

Smokey eyes are perfect for dramatic effects. It provides depth and definition to your eyes and brings out your features. This look can be created using layers of black or brown eyeliner or with a range of different colored eyeshadow shades.

There’s nothing like mastering a smoky eye, arguably one of the most versatile eye makeup looks out there. Whether you’re hitting the red carpet or having a party with friends, this look will always work.

This vintage look may seem hard to achieve, and only professionals can accomplish it, but as you’ll find out below, it’s quite simple when you break it down. The process for getting a perfect smokey eye makeup is as follows:

Here’s a natural smokey eye makeup tutorial:

For years, natural smokey eyes have topped the list of the world’s finest makeup trends. And based on what we already know, it won’t disappear soon. But the majority of women still struggle with the art of smokey eye makeup. If you are guilty of shaking your head right now, here is your time to improve your smoky eye makeup skills.

Here are the steps to follow to get a perfect natural smokey eye makeup look  Yes, we are moving away from the classic yet excessive black smoky eye. This piece of knowledge will brighten your day if you don’t mind a dramatic color pop.

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1. Primer for eyelid.

The very last feature you want to make sure of while wearing this good makeup look is unintended creases or smudges. A primer can make your eye makeup last longer. You may either use a special primer for this purpose or your regular concealer or foundation.

To prevent eye makeup fallout and smudge later in the day, prime the eyelids first. You may prime using either a brightening concealer or an eyeshadow primer; both will assist to soften out your eyelids and give your eyeshadow a support to hold to. This will make the eye seem smoother and give your shadow a perfect base.

2. Choose the colors of your eyeshadow.

A traditional smokey eye consists of three separate colors: a brow bone color, a creases color, and the highlight color. The highlight shade is typically the lightest, the spotlight shade is typically the darkest, and the movable lid shade is often a mid-tone. Matte colors in the families of black, brown, grey, navy, or green are often used to create a natural smokey eye but don’t be hesitant to experiment with lighter or more vibrant hues.

If you have tiny eyes, going too dark could actually make them look even smaller. To overcome this look, avoid wearing a solid black smokey eye color. To reduce the heaviness of the black shadow, consider choosing darkish browns or even grey as an alternative.

3. Apply your selected eyeshadow colors.

Apply the color you’ve selected for the smokey eye makeup look to your lid with a flat eyeshadow brush. In order for it to appear like a gradient rather than like a giant saturated area of color, blend it very carefully from the lower portion of the eyelid to the center.  Apply this eyeshadow color closer to your eyebrow than usual to provide a gazing appearance. In particular, if you have hooded eyes, this provides the effect that your eyelids are larger and expands your eyes wider.

4. Put on the crease color.

Next, let’s incorporate a crease color to give your appearance more depth. Choose a complementary dark color that is slightly darker than your primary color. After that, apply the color to your eye’s outer corner using a blending brush.

As you apply more layers to highlight the color and create a smokey mix, go toward the middle of your eyelids as gently blend the color in a circular motion circular motions. When the difference in between crease shade and your overall tone is flawless, you’re ready to continue to the following steps.

5. Add your highlighter shade.

natural smokey eye makeup

Apply a soft, neutral highlighter shade from the crease upward to your eyebrows that are lighter than your underlying color scheme. This accent color will help to balance the look and properly finish the desired natural makeup look. Use your highlighter to add a little additional glow to the inner corners of your eyelids to help them look bright and energetic.

6. Blend repeatedly. 

A smooth transition between the three colors is essential for stunning smokey eyes. And failing to integrate darkness sufficiently is the most common error. “This may make a smokey eye seem more like black eyes.” Use a soft brush to blend the three colors until there is no longer a noticeable difference between them.

7. Line up your eyes.

Line the eyelids with black eyeshadow before using an eyeliner pencil. By doing this, you can make sure that the contour suits you before applying a wet or gel liner.

Once you’re satisfied with the form of your liner, add gel liner on top, ensuring to apply on both your top and bottom lashes. Gel liners work well for creating smokey eyes because they immediately create a strong, black line that seems extremely sharp or be softened with a blending brush.

A pencil liner can be a better option if you want to get a faint smokey eye. Liquid eyeliner is best for creating a sharp cat-eye. Don’t forget that the color of your eyeliner completes your look. applying a dark brown eye pencil on the eyeliner rather than a black one will open up the eyes and make them appear wider. 

8. After finishing the whole makeup, go back and apply your mascara.

smokey eye makeup

Instead of stepping into mascara, it’s better to complete your makeup first, then proceed to mascara at the end of the process.
The eyelashes would get incredibly dark since cosmetic powder won’t get on them altogether. Always coat your lower lashes with mascara before your upper lashes. In this manner, when applying mascara to the bottom lashes, you avoid putting it all over your eyelid.

And boom! You are an expert at the smokey eye. This eye makeup look’s versatility allows you to modify it to achieve any style or amount of intensity that you like. Feel free to enhance it with your unique style.

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