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5 best home remedies for stretch marks treatments

According to surveys, up to 90% of women experience stretch marks in their lives. And if you are reading this post, you are probably experiencing the same and are looking for stretch mark treatments on the internet.

Need not worry, because we are going to cover all your doubts and give you the best stretch marks treatments for flawless skin. But before you need to know that stretch marks are very common. It is not something you should feel ashamed of.

There so such things as a perfect body or perfect skin. The celebrities you see online, use special effects to hide their imperfections, so there is no point in comparing your body with the fake people online. You are perfect in your way !!!!!

The treatments we are gonna share are tested and work very well if done properly. Also, treating your stretch marks is a difficult task, so if you don’t get the result in a week, don’t give up.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive in !!!!!!!!

What causes stretch marks?

causes stretch marks

When the person’s skin experiences fast development, as occurs during puberty, severe illnesses, and pregnancy, it develops streaks on the skin. The dermis being torn into discolored streaks typically leads to scarring on the skin.

Such scars typically show up on the hips, belly, breasts, thighs, or other areas of one’s body. Stretch marks frequently form in pregnant women, particularly during the last month whenever the baby causes the belly to expand.

Despite these scars or stretch marks being hardly harmful or damaging, they may cause individuals to feel self-conscious about their appearance. Though these stretch marks may fade away over time, a treatment can work more effectively and efficiently to reduce stretch marks. 

Home remedies for stretch marks treatments

Sugar scrub

Sugar is my favorite exfoliating scrub. You will feel smoother after using the tiny stones to gently remove dead skin. Scrubbing your skin is the best way to get rid of scars. The benefits of scrubbing are endless, so it’s worth giving a shot.

Sugar scrub preparation:

Mix ½ cup sugar with something like a soft substance, such as coconut or olive oil. One tablespoon at a time, combine the oil with the sugar. Your scrub will be prepared when it starts to resemble moist sand. Approximately a Half cup of oil may be required in total.

Scrub gently over the stretch marks. Practice in the bathtub or shower two or three times each week. Use hot water to clean.

Aloe vera

Natural skin care with aloe vera leaves has an ancient legacy. Aloe vera plant jelly that forms on the inner surface of the leaves has the potential to hydrate and calm the skin.

Stretch marks are a form of wound caused by damaged skin, aloe vera’s skin-repairing abilities could aid in preventing or fading these.

Fresh and pure aloe vera helps soothe and repair the skin, so it could be good enough to justify a go. Every day after you take a shower, rub fresh aloe vera gel from a leaf or an over-the-counter lotion for your stretch marks.

home remedies for stretch marks

Coconut oil

There are several proven advantages of coconut oil for the skin. It may help you keep the barrier defenses of your skin.

A simple daily spa treatment with coconut oil on your stretch marks could be beneficial and won’t necessarily cause any damage.

Of course, you should stay away from this component if you have a coconut allergy.

Remember that every skincare has the potential to sometimes trigger allergies or hypersensitivity. This covers natural methods and DIY solutions. Therefore, stop taking the substance if you experience a negative reaction.

Eggs white

Egg whites are helpful for removing stretch marks since they are loaded with proteins and vitamins.  From 2 eggs, remove the whites. Use a spatula or a spoon to whip it. Spread the thick coating with the use of a brush or with your hands after thoroughly cleaning the problem area.

After letting it fully dry, rinse it off using water. Add some olive oil or moisturizer to the skin immediately to hydrate it. For best results, carry out the procedure every day for 2 weeks.

Cucumbers and Lime Juice

The natural acidity of lime juice promotes wound healing and scar reduction, and the cooling, relaxing effects of cucumber juice leave your skin feeling relaxed.

Lemon juice and cucumber should be combined in an equal amount, then applied to the areas with stretch marks until the skin absorbs it. After letting it sit on the skin for around 10 minutes, wash it off with plain water.

Get rid of stretch marks

Stretch marks are amongst the most unpleasing scars we all go through in some phase of our life. The causes of stretch marks are endless. The home remedies mentioned above are the best treatments for them.

However, if you are too lazy or have no time to perform all the home remedies every day. I recommended you get a body massage or a body spa at home from a professional. A body spa, once or twice a month can help you get rid of stretch marks in no time.

You can connect with us and book our professional beauty services at home anytime. At GoReady, we promise to give you the best possible treatment at affordable costs.

Book our services now !!!!!!!

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