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10 Foods for Weight Gain

Do you think you are underweight and need to gain weight immediately for your well-being? Eating low-calorie foods for weight gain can help you put on weight if you address the issues that caused your weight loss first.

Without some kind of diet that emphasizes increasing your calorie intake, using supplements and tablets by themselves won’t be sufficient to help you with weight gain.

Consuming items like cakes, candy, and donuts will undoubtedly increase your calorie consumption, but probably not in the manner you want it to. There are positive and negative ways to approach this. The work at hand may be accomplished productively by concentrating on a diet full of calories and high-quality foods.

High Calorie Foods for Weight Gain

Gaining Weight is a challenging task that is more often underrated by society. We feel your pain and hence, we have researched and curated the best high calorie foods for weight gain in no time. Here’s a complete list:

high calorie foods for weight gain

1. Rice

A satisfying and healthful method for gaining weight is rice. It is brimming with calories and carbohydrates that may help with weight growth. The best thing is that it holds you satisfied for a long time while having a significant number of healthy calories.

For many Indians, rice is a fundamental dish that is found practically everywhere else. You must have at least 100g of steamed, cooked, or fried rice for seeing results.

2. Bananas

Bananas are among the finest foods for gaining weight since they are rich in calories, carbohydrates, and nutrients. For safe and rapid weight growth, consume around 4-5 fresh bananas daily. This fruit has such a delicious flavor and also provides energy.

They can indeed help with digestion and help accelerate the body’s metabolism. You can have at least 1 ripped banana everyday with your diet.

3. Potatoes

There are many methods to prepare potatoes, and they possess a rich, mouthfeel. Potatoes are rich in minerals and carbs which are essential for weight gain.  They pair well with many different sorts of cuisines and offer a great taste profile. It may serve as both a side salad and a main course.

4. Cheese

Introducing our fav now! Cheese is a well-loved item on our list of foods for weight gain. It provides a tremendous volume of healthful calories. Choose full-fat cheese if you’re aiming to put on weight fast and also enjoy the process. You’ll be surprised by the effects if you include cheese in your diet regularly.

5. Peanut Butter

Many individuals believe that eating peanut butter would help them gain weight since it has good calories: Due to its high nutritional value, peanut butter is a popular snack among sports people, fitness enthusiasts, and wrestlers. The plus side is that it comes in a variety of tastes and flavors in addition to being high in nutrients and fiber.

6. Eggs

Eggs are a delicious, satisfying, and protein-rich food for weight gain.  It is also nutrient-dense food that may be cooked in a variety of ways. It also has significant levels of minerals and proteins. Consider having one whole egg every day to gain weight. Having whole eggs could be a good idea to get exceptional results from eating eggs because the yolks are packed with vital nutrients.

7. Dark Chocolates

This is something that chocolate lovers would adore. Dark chocolates are among the finest high calorie foods for weight gain.  Every time you desire to have a sweet tooth, enjoy some dark chocolates. It does include some processed sugar, but as long as you consume it moderately and avoid eating a lot, everything will Be ok.

8. Chicken Breast

Chicken is high in proteins which is essential to put on weight. It is among the foods with the greatest protein content for weight growth. In addition to being delicious, it is also nutrient-rich. A chicken breast has 4 grams of fat and around 150 cal.  You can prepare chicken breast in a variety of inventive ways to produce tasty food.

9. Whole Grain Bread

Whole-grain bread is high in starch and may undoubtedly help in gaining weight quickly. You may try combining them with protein-rich foods like cheese, yoghurt, and chicken. It is essential to get whole-grain bread since it has more fibre.

Furthermore, bread is among the main sources of carbohydrates, like bananas, is high in glucose. These might boost muscular growth.

10. Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are the ultimate nutrient screamer! Dry fruits such as walnuts, almonds, dates, and hazelnuts are great for gaining weight and a nutritious choice if you’re starving. It keeps you satisfied and gives your body nutrients in addition to good carbohydrates.

The increased sugar content of dried fruits makes them the finest snacks since they will help to gain weight. These are also strongly endorsed for those with poor appetites suffering from illnesses because they are nutritional as well as pleasant.

Weight Gain Diet Plan:

Here’s a complete diet plan to follow for weight gain.

Breakfast: Fill a large bowl with oatmeal, whole milk, and vegetables to keep it filling but lightweight. Always choose those fruits that are in season, but you may also choose some fresh fruit.

Lunch: Pick whole-wheat chapatis and a creamy paneer curry.

Evening Snack: Snacking options include a banana, a cup of milk, and a bag of varied dry fruits.

Dinner: Pasta with a bowl of vegetables cooked in homemade tomato sauce.

Weight Gain Diet

Gaining weight is perhaps the less discussed topic because there is a notable increase in overweight. These are the situations that could make you wish to start a weight-gain diet.

It is thus important to consult a qualified dietician nearby and get a complete diet plan as per your lifestyle.

GoReady provides FREE Consultation with professional dieticians at your doorstep, so book a dietician now and get a complete diet plan.

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