home remedies for dark circles

 5 home remedies for dark circles to help you regain your luster.

Dark circles are a common issue for both men and women. Others are struggling with the same issue, so don’t be upset. The world’s greatest celebrities have occasionally struggled with this issue and have turned to concealers and makeup to cover up their dark circles.

The eyes are considered the image of a person’s heart and character. Regretfully, dark circles often ruin your aura and attractiveness by making you turn much older than you actually are. It’s preferable to use natural home remedies for dark circles rather than chemical-based medications because the skin over the eyes is delicate and these chemical-based products can be harmful to the eyes. 

What are the causes of dark circles?

Dark circles are very disturbing. They tend to make you look aged more than you are, in addition, to making you look exhausted. No wonder why dark circles are amongst the most hated side effects of overworking or getting insufficient sleep. Elderly people frequently have dark circles, but some people are genetically vulnerable to this issue. Dark circles are frequently caused by allergies, extreme fatigue, vision problems, sun damage, and dehydration.

causes of dark circles
  • Hereditary: Genes strongly impact dark circles. Your chances of getting them are probably higher if your mom and dad or close family members already have them.
  • Lack of Elasticity: As you grow, collagen production declines, causing the skin around your eyes to shrink down. This results in black circles.
  • Anemia: Iron deficiency reduces blood flow to the eyes, which can make your eyes pale and leads to dark circles.
  • Medicines: Some drugs can expand blood vessels, giving them a gloomy look and causing dark circles.
  • Excessive Screen Time: Staring at a laptop or phone screen for extended periods of time can damage your vision and cause dark circles.

Here are some natural remedies for dark circles :

Let me warn you that overcoming dark circles will take a lot of discipline before we even start our path. Do not hope for miracles to happen suddenly; instead, follow a skincare routine and health care routine faithfully. The dark circles beneath the eyes may be greatly reduced with a balanced diet. Everything wholesome, homemade, and full of vitamins shouldn’t be disregarded. Although the commitment might seem overwhelming to you, you are aware that it will eventually pay off. It is important to realize that these natural therapies are just meant to reduce dark circles.

reduce dark circles

So without any further ado, lets get started

Cold teabags to reduce dark circles

Using cold tea bags is among the most efficient and simple techniques to get rid of these dark circles. For the quickest effects, try herbal tea or lavender tea bags. Dark circles may indeed be eased by the leftover caffeine’s ability to restrict lower blood flow. Cold treatments can help to reduce enlarged blood vessels and relieve inflammation. The swelling brought by dark circles could also be reduced by using a cold treatment.

Soak the tea bags in lukewarm water and chill in the fridge. Take them out of the refrigerator and lay them carefully over both of your eyelids for 10 minutes. Repeat this daily.

Grated cucumbers or potatoes

This is unquestionably one of the best treatments. They help to lessen puffiness around the eyes.  These cooling vegetables’ minerals, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory properties aid to reduce swelling all around the eyes while still preventing discoloration.

Application for Potatoes and Cucumber – Place the grated potatoes or cucumber on your eyes after grating them. Unwind and take them off after 10 to 12 minutes. As an alternative, you may also squeeze the juice from some cucumbers or potatoes. Place a clean cotton pad over your eyelids after dipping them in the juice. Be careful to capture the whole region of the black circles. Allow it to rest for 3 minutes, then rinse with cold water. 

Cold milk to get rid of dark circles

reduce dark circles

Cold milk is an all-eye treatment that helps to calm the delicate eye area. Lactic acid, present in cold milk, not only serves to reduce swelling but also relieves the skin. Additionally, milk’s mineral contents enable the skin to retain moisture longer, giving you skin that is smoother and more flexible.

How to Use: Gently dip the cotton pad in cold milk before placing it over the eye region. After some time, remove it, and then rinse your eyes with water. Repeat this at least three times every week!

Turmeric Paste: best home remedies for dark circles

Try using turmeric to get rid of those ugly dark circles. This is one of the simplest home remedies for dark circles. When applied properly, turmeric’s strong anti-oxidant and anti-effects soften the skin around your eyes, giving it a smooth appearance and decreasing the dark circles. A popular turmeric-based skincare home treatment that works particularly well for eliminating dark circles and also dark spots is raw turmeric paste.

If pure turmeric is unavailable, you could use organic turmeric powder, which is broadly available in every store. Apply the mixture gently over the dark circles, and wait 10 to 20 minutes for it to dry. Then rinse it with lukewarm water or cold water. You might also want to cleanse your face after removing the pack with a cloth.


Tomatoes make excellent natural bleach. Antioxidants included in them help to reduce dark circles and discoloration around the eyes. The exfoliating properties of tomatoes are outstanding. It is popular when it concerns cosmetic regimens.

How To Use: Apply a mixture of a spoonful of grated tomatoes or tomato juice and a spoonful of lime juice under each eye. After about 10 minutes, rinse it off with cool water. To  get instant results and reduce dark circles, you can also drink tomato juice along with little lime juice and pudina leaves.

natural remedies for dark circles

As stated before, this is not an overnight process. You have to be a disciple and follow the above-mentioned home remedies for dark circles repeatedly to get results.

Now you might be wondering, that I have a special occasion, and can’t go with these awful dark circles.

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